We highly recommend to all current and potential users of dietary supplements that before they start taking anything, it is invaluable to read all the information included on this web site as well as any other information available to them on the Internet or in literary sources. It can be surprising how much useful information can be found with only a little effort.

It was rather a coincidence when we in 2008 came across a supplement in Asia based on their traditional medicine. Its unique composition contains an herb called Gymne sylvestris which has been proven to lower increased level of blood sugar.

The regulation of EU No. 432/2012 prevents us from mentioning the actual illness which can be influenced by this dietary supplement. We however suppose that the majority of our readers know the connection between high blood sugar level and one of the most frequent illnesses in our population.

For several years we have been working on the registration process and now we can launch this product on the market under the name of GLUKORIZIN® (THAN KHI HOAN-Q3 GLUKORIZIN).

We are currently working on several other supplements however it is a long and not an easy way to launch them on the market. As this is not our main activity of our business we cannot work in this field full time, therefore it will take some time…