It is very unfortunate that the quality of dietary supplements earned a reputation of “candies” as people do not expect any real help from these products anymore. People are more or less influenced by massive advertisement promising all kind of health improvement after taking a certain pill. After the initial trust, disappointment often follows as the results are far from what has been claimed.

Our company has chosen different approach. We want to deal only with such products which have perceptible and measurable effects. In our product line you would not find a product which has a “miracle” effects working on everything and on everybody. Our products are all natural and their main feature is that the effect is evident within several days or weeks. We are not interested in products which require continued using for a long period of time in order to reach some beneficial effect, which can never be guaranteed. We want to be straightforward with our customers and we want them to know that if the desired effect is not reached within a month of the right using, there is no sense in continuing to take this product any further. It would be only waste of money. It is common in herbal medicine that certain products work only on certain people and there is no reason to persuade everyone to keep taking it.

We took the same approach to dosing our products. Our recommended dose is really the maximum dose which should not be exceeded and of course all the other warnings are very important as well and they must be followed under any circumstances. The recommended dose can be however lowered at any time according to the individual needs of every customer. For some people only a fracture of the recommended dose can be sufficient, so taking more is not necessary.