You have just entered the web site of VERDENMEDICA s.r.o. which aim is to help people with health problems by the means of traditional herbal medicine.

During our many business trips to Asia and other parts of the world, which we take for the purposes of different type of business, we were able to experience different cultures with their unique traditions and customs. It is only natural that we came across many different products, formulas, herbs and herbal mixtures– known to us as dietary supplements based on traditional Asian medicine. The one that we chose contains a unique plant Gymne sylvestris which has been proved even by western researchers that it lowers the increased levels of blood sugar.

The founders and owners of VERDENMEDICA s.r.o. work in wholly different fields of business. They both have more than 15 years of experience in the fields such as construction, engineering, surface and underground mining, trade, export and import. Because these gentlemen – Roman Raszyk and Jan Kristek do not like mixing businesses together, up to date they own three different companies while each of them is focused on a specific field.

As the owners’ motto is “The money doesn’t have to be pouring in, we are happy with their droplets” and “We know that money ruins character”, their companies are rather of a family type and that’s how they would like to keep them. They do not desire to become the biggest or the best known or the most profiting, etc. They see the meaning of doing business in the satisfaction coming from the success of being able to provide for themselves and their families by doing the business they like and doing meaningful work.